COVID-19 Temporary Closing Notice

In order to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19, and for the safety of the community,



Hello All

I hope you all are staying safe, keeping the 3 metre distance from others
and following our Governments’ plans of action and self isolating.

As you are aware…
The City of Toronto have cancelled all special events, public gatherings and conferences until June 30..
and potentially extending the period pending Pandemic circumstances.

Like wise the Wilmar Heights Centre will be on LOCKDOWN for this same period of time with the caveat of extending the period pending “our” collective success in curbing the virus as a Nation and flattening the curve.

The economic fallout from the actions that we are taking to save lives are very severe for all our:
Churches, Bands, community outreach groups, and event bookings.
As a consequence of having to suspend all WHC activities until further notice and to lessen the economic impact on our users, we will continue to suspend the monthly deposits until further notice and refund monies for event bookings.

Like wise the Economic Impact on the Wilmar Heights Centre is severe.
We have taken steps over the past month to reduce all our Facility costs as best we can under the circumstances as our revenue stream is no longer.
We have been actively sanitizing the aging facility for our own protection and as well, we have closed the adjoining Shining Waters offices. It must be remembered that we are physically joined to the Wilmar Court Seniors Residence hence the added precaution of closing the offices.
We are also in receipt of both a Building Condition Assessment and Environmental Audit of the Facility that was commissioned many months ago to assist Shining Waters in their review of the future of the Wilmar Heights Centre property.

We shall re-post on the doors that:
We are closed until further notice.
No Entry Permitted.
And our contact information…

Stay safe
Keep the distance
Keep the Faith
Our Prayers are with you All.

416 346 3910

For questions, please contact Jamie email: